How it works

Every one of us is a collection of charged particles with an electromagnetic energy flow that governs our bodies. When we’re low on energy or there’s a blockage in our energy flow, systems in our bodies begin to function inefficiently and break down much like the engine in a car. However, with the precise amount of corrective energy, these blockages can be removed to allow our bodies to re-energize, heal, and rejuvenate.

HALOE provides a relaxing spa-like experience where technicians use cutting-edge technology and expert protocols to deliver the precise amount of energy that YOUR body needs. This technology diagnoses your energy needs and delivers a corrective energy signal.

Our body communicates with itself through an amazingly intricate electrical network. That’s why we’re diagnosed electrically with EEGs, EKGs and EMGs. When somebody’s heart stops, we use electricity to try to start it back up again. When there’s a breakdown in our body’s electrical network, our cells don’t receive all of the information they need to function. This often results in pain, health loss, or diminished performance.

HALOE delivers the precise “energy tune-up” needed to improve your body’s function and vibrancy.

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