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Our special protocols assist in building your immune system to peak levels to help in fighting against COVID-19.

Beauty Sessions

Haloe Health Beauty protocols bring relaxing, natural, lasting and fast results with no needles or burning. Whether it’s crow’s feet, jowls, dark circles and blemishes, scarring or rough areas, or simply returning the natural glow and healthy look to your skin, beauty sessions are for you.

Please note due to rising insurance and property cost increases we have had to re-adjust our pricing to reflect the market value. We have provided discounts to help offset the pricing. Specialized Financing in being integrated to further assist. Thank you for your understanding and look forward to helping you get healthy.

Beauty Sessions

Beauty Plans

Medical Surgery
Post Surgery Accelerated Protocol
Treatment seissions with the accelerated protocol. A special package offer for our women and men clients. We recommend at least 3 treatments to achieve the goal of the client. Each person is different and based on the skin, more sessions maybe be needed. Please read the reviews of amazing results of customers who have utilized this special. Call today for more information.
Our Private Label Products
Haloe Health has a new line of products that will be available in store and online for our valued customers. Please check back soon for the new sales pages

The team at Haloe Health asks that you, please be aware that individual results for any treatment or use of our technology may vary. Our treatments are based on Artificial Intelligent Microcurrent. Results are not guaranteed. We do not verify every testimonial. We simply post what is written by the Haloe Health clients. These testimonials are examples and not necessarily typical or average nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. Please contact us with any questions regarding claims made herein or such testimonials or endorsements.