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Our special protocols assist in building your immune system to peak levels to help in fighting against COVID-19. 

Wellness Sessions

Haloe Health Wellness protocols focus on your overall well-being and relief from daily aches and pains. From headaches to sore feet, respiratory issues to digestion and everything in between, wellness sessions are your answer to daily health.

Please note due to rising insurance and property cost increases we have had to re-adjust our pricing to reflect the market value.We have provided discounts to help offset the pricing.Specialized Financing is being integrated to further assist.Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to helping you get healthy.

Understanding The Process
  • Biofeedback regulated microcurrent is responsive to the precise condition of cells comprising the tissue placed between any two electrodes at any given time.  Using impedance monitoring, the degree of resistance is evaluated and revealed to the Operator on a digital (numerical) display and by auditory (sound) feedback.
  • During stimulation, biologically compatible AC (Alternating Current) micro-amperage level currents are conducted into the tissue. (Micro-Amperage is the actual measurement of the force of electrical currents generated by and moving through living tissue.)

    Please note that all prices shown will require tax added to the final purchase.We use the finest in equipment and our facility is a clean space and is constantly cleaned to the standards of the Corona Virus requirements of the states guidelines


Wellness Plan Packages

Veteran Specials
We Support You! Our Veterans! 20% Off All Services
We have specialized pricing for all veterans. Whether your active or non-active, we want to help you for the great service you have done for us! Please give us a call today to show you pain relief that will enhance your way of life! It would be our honor to serve you!
Senior Plan
The Senior Specials - 65+ 10% off all Services
We care about our seniors and truly have a passion for helping you get a healthier life through pain reduction. Our non-invasive treatments offer a pleasurable experience while improving your way of life. A specialized discount is now avilable and we will provide that outline on your first visit. Please come to our facility to see the amazing offers!